The fastest growing segment of the Altavista Area YMCA is the senior adult population. The recent Renovation and Expansion Project included several additions with our senior members in mind. The senior adult lounge and multi-purpose rooms are now utilized by the senior adult members on a regular basis. We encourage our senior members to continue to offer suggestions on ways of making our program more responsive to the needs of senior adults. Joyce Tucker provides area residents with a senior newsletter to keep our members informed on upcoming activtities. Downloadable newsletter.

Bus Trips


If we can get there and back in a day, the YMCA will take you on an inexpensive bus trip. Each year the YMCA sponsors numerous one-day trips to points of interest in Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia. Destinations of historical interest, educational value, or just plain entertainment are included in our bus trips. A favorite among our seniors is the Barn Dinner Theatre in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Three to four times a year the YMCA sponsors a covered dish luncheon in the new multi-purpose room. Most luncheons are strictly for fun and fellowship while some feature a guest speaker on a topic of interest. Door prizes are distributed and announcements are made concerning upcoming events.

senior-luncheonBook Club

Several times each year a book is selected, read and discussed over lunch.

Crafts Seminars

Periodically craft classes of interest are offered in the YMCA conference room.

Just for Fun

Every morning from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. there are coffee and snacks available in the new upstairs lounge area. A wide variety of games are available in addition to the local newspapers and books in the free YMCA library.

seniorsStrength Training

The YMCA's commitment to senior adults also includes an ongoing exercise programs especially for seniors. Classes emphasize balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. Most exercises are performed in a chair and participants can progress at their own pace.

Body Recall

A safe, tested program of gentle and slow movement developed for the living longer population. You will experience simple, natural movements performed thoughtfully and controlled to maximize potential range of motion, strength, coordination, balance and agility.

Water Exercise Classes

The Family Center aquatic facility is a popular destination for many of our senior members. Please refer to the aquatics program to see information on the water exercise classes that are frequented by many senior adults.

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Seniors at the Altavista Y

Seniors at the Altavista Y


Seniors at the Altavista Y



Seminars & Activities

Promoting fun and fellowship, while being responsive to the needs of our senior adult members.

Seniors at the Altavista Y