You may pay for your YMCA membership with any of these three methods:

  1. Automatic monthly bank draft. We recommend the convenience of the bank draft system. It spreads your membership fee over 12 monthly payments and avoids the problem of having to remember your annual renewal date.
  2. Cash or check for total annual fee.
  3. MasterCard, VISA, or American Express for total annual fee.

the Y Accepts Visa Mastercard and American Express

Basic Y Membership Bank Draft Charges Annual Joiner's Fee
Youth Membership (10 thru 18) $13.00/month $156.00 $20.00
Adult Membership $20.00/month $240.00 $40.00
Family Membership $25.00/month $300.00 $60.00

Senior Membership (62 & up)

$14.00/month $168.00 $25.00
Senior Family $22.00/month $264.00 $25.00


Y Membership PLUS Wellness Center Bank Draft Charges Annual Joiner's Fee
Youth membership + Wellness Center (12 thru 18) $27.00/month $324.00 $20.00
Adult Membership + Wellness Center $34.00/month $408.00 $40.00
Family Membership + 1 Wellness Center $39.00/month $468.00 $60.00
Family Membership + 2 WC members $53.00/month $636.00 $60.00
Family Membership + 3 or more WC members $67.00/month $804.00 $60.00
Senior Membership + 1 Wellness Center (62 & up) $28.00/month $336.00 $25.00
Senior Family + 1 Wellness Center (62 & up) $36.00/month $432.00 $25.00
Senior Family + 2 Wellness Center (62 & up) $50.00/month $600.00 $25.00
** College Rate + Wellness (boarding away from Home) $17.25/month $207.00 $20.00
*** College Rate + Wellness (living at home) $27.00/month $324.00 $20.00


College Rates: Full Time Students

Boarding student (maximum 23 years of age): Youth membership rate plus $50 for wellness center.

Student living at home (maximum 23 years of age):Youth membership plus $168 for wellness center.

Visitor and Guest Policies: The YMCA is a membership organization. YMCA members may bring guests under the following guidelines.

  • Visitors from the Central Virginia and Bedford YMCA's can use the Altavista Area YMCA once a week.

  • YMCA members may bring out of town (outside our thirty mile service area) guests at no charge.

  • Out of town visitors with no YMCA affiliation may purchase a membership for the length of their visit. Fees: $20/month for youth: $40/month adult: $60/month family

Locker Rental: Members may rent a small locker for $36 per year or $3 per month on the bank draft. Locks are provided by the YMCA.

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Membership to the Y

Seniors at the Altavista Y


Basic YMCA Membership Includes:

Athletic Center:

  • Indoor Track
  • Gymnasium
  • Racquetball Court
  • Locker Facilities
  • Sauna
  • Child Watch

Family Center:

  • Junior Olympic Indoor Pool
  • Locker Facilities
  • Premier Tennis Courts
  • Discounts on YMCA Programs
  • Free Child Watch

Seniors at the Altavista Y

Wellness Center Membership Includes:

  • Full access to all facilities including the Wellness Center
  • Free Water Exercise and Group Exercise Classes

Seniors at the Altavista Y

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